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How you feel, look and function can be directly affected by a number of factors – but most likely your lifestyle, and in particular your daily nutrition habits.

Since recent research has established that over 70% of the entire body’s immune system is located in or around the digestive system – a great deal more interest in what you eat is now getting the attention of the medical and health research scientific communities. You have heard the phrases ‘You are what you eat’, and that ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’ – well it turns out that these statements are indeed correct! No longer is a healthy diet a simple case of keeping the calories down and eating a ‘balanced’ diet. Each and every one of us has unique needs and metabolisms, just in the same way we differ and vary in terms of how we look.

At NKD Ambition, an individualised approach to nutrition, wellness and performance is a specialty. Using specialised tests and assessments, we are able to accurately identify nutritional, metabolic and wellness issues that can be addressed through highly customised nutrition and wellness lifestyle solutions to promote optimal performance & body composition (body fat and muscle mass levels) as well as to support dysfunctions and problems (such as weight problems, inflammation, energy level problems, high cholesterol, digestive problems, bone density issues, metabolic disorders, injury recovery etc).

For more information on the performance and wellness nutrition services available at NKD, please contact us to book your free introductory phone consultation with our nutritionist to discuss your need and the services they can provide you.