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Dealing with all sorts of individuals from the inactive office worker right through to top class athletes, sport rehabilitation and functional therapy incorporates evidence-based therapeutic intervention and functional exercise in the treatment of any musculoskeletal injuries.

Taking the individual from the initial injury stages all the way back to normal pain-free training, sport rehabilitation and functional therapy helps leave individuals stronger than their pre-injury state.

Injuries can leave behind weaker muscles and joints lacking in range of motion and co-ordination. This in turn lays down the foundation for possible chronic re-occurrence. Being able to predict how an injury will affect the rest of the kinetic chain is imperative in the prevention of this re-occurrence. Therefore, throughout the rehabilitation process, focus is always on the restoration of function, whether the individual’s function is golf, tennis, or even just walking.

Also working well with injury prevention, we recognise the risks associated with injury and can implement an appropriate plan to minimise these risks. This involves the planning, implementation and interpretation of pre-participation screening, to identify potential pre-disposing factors to musculoskeletal injury and health related disorders.