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Arm Blaster WOW

Posted on : September 16, 2014

The arm blaster consists of super setting a Tricep exercise followed by a Bicep exercise with no rest between. Complete each superset 3 times with 90 seconds rest between each then move on to the next. Adjust weights in order to target between 12-16 reps. The workout consists of barbell, dumbbell and cable work to vary the method of attack to the muscles.

Videos of the WOW will follow soon.

A1 Tricep BB Press
A2 Bicep EZ curls

B1 Tricep DB Skull Crushers
B2 Bicep DB Screw Curls

C1 Tricep Cable Pushdowns
C2 Bicep Cable Hammer Curls

WOW delivered by Alexis Antonopoulos

NKD Ambition