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Butt Blaster WOW

Posted on : September 17, 2014

This Butt Blaster session is great to get those Gluts fired up. The aim of the workout will get you to focus on the tempo of each rep and has been set up to emphasise the negative phase of each repetition which is 3 seconds. So for example you will see the Deadlifts below which has a tempo of 1-0-3. This means 1 second to lift the weight no rest at the top and a 3 second negative/lowering phase.

Complete each exercise for 3 sets with 90-120 seconds rest between each set then move on to the next exercise. Adjust weights used so you can complete the rep range below with perfect form ensuring those last couple of reps are a squeeze to complete. Helen recommends a light warmup followed by some dynamic leg swings and side walks with resistance in preparation to the session.

Videos of the WOW will follow soon.

A1 Deadlifts 8-12 reps (Tempo 1-0-3)

C1 Walkng Lunges 20 reps

D1 Single Leg bridge on Bosu 8-12 reps (Tempo 1-1-3)

E1 Step Ups 8-12 reps (Tempo 3-0-1)

WOW delivered by Helen Doyle

NKD Ambition