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Chest Pumper WOW

Posted on : September 16, 2014

This Chest workout consists of 2 circuits (A and B) of three exercises (tri-set) which are to be completed one after another with no rest between each. Take 3 minutes rest between sets to get maximum recovery and conduct each circuit 3 times. Adjust weights used so you can complete the rep range below with perfect form ensuring those last couple of reps are a squeeze to complete.

Each circuit starts with a compound exercise followed by an Isolation exercise and finishes with a body weight exercise.

Videos of the WOW will follow soon.

A1 Chest Press 12-16 reps
A2 Chest DB flys 12-16 reps
A3 Floor Push-ups (complete to failure)

B1 Incline DB Chest Press. 12-16 reps
B2 DB stiff Arm Pullovers 12-16 reps
B3 Incline Bench/step Push-ups (complete to failure)

WOW delivered by Alexis Antonopoulos

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