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Posted on : April 29, 2014

This weeks WOW is the first of many to come utilising Kettlebell’s.  The Kettlebell is a great piece of kit which can hit muscles from angles regular exercises fail to reach. KB WOW will target the full body and will challenge not only your muscular but cardiovascular fitness too.

Complete all exercises as one big circuit with 30 seconds between exercises and 3 minutes between each circuit.  Repeat the circuit 3-4 times and your be cooked!  Beginner, intermediate and advanced weight recommendations are in brackets.

Videos of the KB WOW will follow soon.

1.Double Swings. 20-30 reps  (8-12kg/14-20kg/20+)

2.Renegade rows. 16-20 reps (6-10kg/12-14kg/16+)

3.Single Arm Cleans. 16-20 reps  (6-10kg/12-14kg/16+)

4.Push-ups  16-20 reps

5.Single Arm Snatches. 16-20 reps  (6-10kg/12-14kg/16+)

6.Push press 16-20 reps  (6-10kg/12-14kg/16+)

7.Windmills 16-20 each  (6-10kg/12-14kg/16+)

WOW delivered by Alexis Antonopoulos

NKD Ambition