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Slam Ball WOW

Posted on : September 30, 2014

This weeks WOW uses just one piece of kit, the Slam Ball which is similar to a medicine ball but has minimal ability to bounce and roll thus designed for high impact work and power moves such as throwing and slamming. Whether using it as an alternative to dumbbells or Kettlebells or to take advantage of the unique properties it’s a great piece of kit to give you a full body metabolic workout.

Complete all 8 exercises as one big circuit with just 20 seconds between each and 3 minutes between sets.  Repeat the circuit 3-4 times!  Beginners start with 5kg Slam ball, intermediate 7kg and advanced 9kg plus. Enjoy!

Videos of the Slam Ball WOW will follow soon.

1.Slam ball Burpees. 16reps
2.Slam ball toe taps. 50 reps
3.Overhead Slams. 16 reps  
4.Slam Ball Plank Jacks. 30-40 reps
5.Rolling Slam Ball Push-ups. 16-20reps
6.Kneeling Jump Squat Slams. 10reps
7.Russian Twists.20-30 reps
8.around the world plank walks.2-3 times around each direction

WOW delivered by Alexis Antonopoulos

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