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Posted on : April 14, 2014

TRX WOW is a full body workout.

This workout includes 3 exercises in each set (A1, A2, and A3) 2 upper body and 1 leg exercise.   Perform 16-20 reps of each exercise one after the other, with a 1 minute rest then repeat 3 times.  When you have completed 3 rounds of block A, have a 3 minute rest, then move to block B.


A2.Jump Squats

A3.Incline Rows

B1.Tricep Extension

B2.Hamstring Pulls

B3.Bicep Curls

C1.Reverse Flys

C2.Bulgarian Split-Squat

C3.Chest Flys

WOW delivered by Alexis Antonopoulos

NKD Ambition